"We'll Provide the Best Values of Wines to Our Clients.
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Anne M. Dow

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“The Zen of Wine”

To describe a wine as an alcoholic beverage made of fermented grape juice is to refer to a beautiful sunset as “getting darker” or a great masterpiece as a “nice picture”.

It is true there is a large amount of wine quickly produced, marketed, and consumed in much the same way as soft drinks. It is also true that there is a huge wine industry in the world that produces excellent wines for every taste and pocket book.

This is our world of fine wines at reasonable prices that are equal to those wines of greater fame and cost.

At Wine-Enlightenment, we take a Buddhist approach to our enterprise of providing fine quality wines to our clients. There is a “ZEN” in the history, culture, tradition, work, and products of the wineries we represent. This “ZEN” is the meditative spirit of endurance, hard work, accomplishment, and success that stretches back to the days of the Roman Empire when a number of them were founded.

Their “ZEN” continues in the present where their classical skills, art, and experience are blended with modern science and technology to improve and enhance the grapes and the methodology of making both their classical and new wines.

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